Welcome to my developer notes

IFC.js is copyrighted by Antonio González Viegas and its contributors.


IFC.js is a library that converts any browser into an IFC viewer. It was created by Antonio González Viegas. IFC.js parses IFC entities to WebGL geometry through THREE.js. Read more at:

My Work

My work is a fork of agviegas/IFC.js. The purpose of this website is to document my thought process. I encourage you to experiment with this on your own - and do better than me!

Please note that this is a work in progress (WIP). I tend to write things very quick - and thus, errors will occure. I usually go back and edit these mistakes after a day or two. Also, I tend to mix modern and less modern JavaScript... sorry.

About Me

My name is André Wisén.

I am a M.S student in Real Estate and Construction Management at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology. I started with AutoCAD in 2007 and learned Revit in 2013. I have been programming, as a hobby, for +15 years.

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